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Lyashko: Ukraine needs own nuclear weapons

Leader of Radical Party of Ukraine Oleh Lyashko has called Ukraine’s nuclear disarmament a strategic mistake that needs to be “corrected.”

“I have told about this for dozens of times: it is our strategic mistake, for which we pay now with our blood and lands. One should not only admit his mistakes, but also correct them,” Lyashko said in a Facebook post.

The parliamentarian is sure that “Ukraine has the necessary capacity for it and needs just political will and understanding of national interests.”

Secretary of National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Olexandr Turchynov is known to have similar views. He has repeatedly said that Ukraine’s government made a historical mistake by refusing from nuclear weapons in exchange for security guarantees of Nuclear-Weapon States.

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Published on April 12th, 2018 07:23 AM
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