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Estonian prime minister accused of connivance to “pro-Kremlin wing”

Photo: err.ee

Estonian Prime Minister Jüri Ratas (The Center Party) has been angered at a statement of MP Andres Herkel who said that the “pro-Kremlin wing” is disturbing him, err.ee reports.

Earlier, Herkel told the prime minister made a mistake while forming the government in 2016 by opting for the “pro-Kremlin wing” of the Center Party instead of the Free Party Herkel represents.

“So, Mr. Herkel, you have been in politics longer than me. You state that it was a wrong decision when we opted for the “pro-Kremlin wing” of the Center Party instead of the Free Party. It is a very serious accusation! It means that you say that here are the people who serve the Kremlin, but nit the Estonian people and the blue-black-white [colors of the Estonian flag]. I think this is going beyond the limits. I do comprehend that you attack my party mates here, but you are insulting other members of the parliament as well. You state that a number of the Riigikogu are fulfilling orders of some another state. Well, if it is so, please submit your accusations to certain controlling organizations. I do not believe it is true,” Ratas told Herkel.

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