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Ukrainian expert: Big Men decided to stop Donbass war

Ruslan Bizyaev. Photo: radio. vesti-ukr.com

Ukrainian deputy minister for “occupied territories” Georgiy Tuka has acknowledged that Ukrainian troops were involved in military crimes in Donbass.

“I can agree with the facts that we usually do not make public. I mean Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers or members of volunteer battalions committing crimes,” the official is quoted as saying by RIA Novosti-Ukraine.

Besides, he noted that punishing those military men who committed crimes in the anti-terror operation area will be a foundation of sustainable peace in Donbass.

He said that the punishment for those who committed such crimes is necessary and inevitable.

Meanwhile, Tuka specified that such cases were isolated incidents and are suppressed immediately.

Some Ukrainian experts see a sign of changing the Kiev policy towards the Donbass republics. In particular, analyst Ruslan Bizyaev believes that words of the top official mean that the public is being prepared for adoption of an amnesty law in the framework of curtailing the conflict in the region.

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“We do understand what they are driving at. And ideas of certain people are being sounded. The Big Men gave a ‘basta!’ command to the war in Donbass. And if our Mr. Incognito does not fulfill the order, it will be fulfilled by another mister or miss. That is why the public is being prepared for adoption of an amnesty law,” Bizyaev posted in Facebook.

At the same time, the expert is sure that further action are to be taken further against the notorious MPs Semen Semenchenko and Volodymyr Parasiuk.

EADaily reported earlier that Semenchenko and Parasiuk are discussed at the Ukrainian Supreme Rada: they will be allegedly soon stripped of the parliamentary immunity and follow the arrested Nadezhda Savchenko.

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