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Tiraspol: Moldova provoking conflicts in security area

President of Transnistria Vadim Krasnoselsky has had a discussion with Joint Control Commission Co-Chair Oleg Belyakov on the current situation in the contact zone of the conflict.

Belyakov informed Krasnoselsky on vital issues and stressed several negative trends. According to the Transnistrian JCC co-chair, “nihilism towards Russian members of the commission” can be seen from Moldovan and Ukrainian members. In particular, blocking military monitors from visiting several peacekeepers’ checkpoints where the infrastructure was renovated recently has become more frequent.

Another trouble issue in the security zone is the bridge across the Dniester River near the villages of Bacioc and Gura Bicului. Belyakov said the discussions on organizing traffic on the bridge have conflict nature.

EADaily reported earlier that the bridge was opened for vehicles on November 18, 2017 by Transnistrian President Vadim Krasnoselsky and Moldavan Prime Minister Pavel Filip. Tiraspol said it wanted to organize a customs checkpoint there, which made Chisinau concerned. After that, Moldova said that Transnistria was violating the agreement on free movement of citizens and erecting artificial barriers for economic agents.

Another Moldova’s claim is connected with the fact that Transnistria is organizing a parking lot under the bridge. The facility is open for cars and heavy trucks, but situations occur when streets of the nearby village are full of queuing vehicles.

“The queue makes troubles for residents of the Bacioc village; it is not safe in the long. That is why we proposed an initiative to build a car park for vehicles planning to cross the bridge. It won’t belong to any institution, but it is necessary,” Krasnoselsky stressed. He stressed that it was not about extending the checkpoints or terminals, and all members of the Joint Control Commission can see that by their own eyes.

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