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West’s anti-Russian propaganda boosts tourism to Russia

Russia has recorded a growth of tourism from U.S. Head of Rostourism Federal Tourism Agency Oleg Safronov is sure that among others, anti-Russian propaganda in the West has contributed to the growth.

In an interview with Izvestia newspaper, the Russian official said Russia’s Border Service registered a 25% growth of the number of tourists from U.S. for nine months of 2017 as compared to the same period of 2016, though there are no Russian national travel agencies in U.S.

“Anti-Russian propaganda makes our country interesting to Americans. It is a usual thing. They are told incredible things about what happens in Russia and people are excited to see everything with their own eyes. Strange as it may seem, West’s propaganda campaign aimed at discrediting the Russian Federation works to enhance tourism to our country,” the head of the Federal Tourism Agency said.

According to him, false stereotypes about Russia and bans on positive news on Russia in the Western press have reduced expectations of American tourists, which results in a “WOW effect” when they arrive in Russia.

“Our guests from U.S. are pleasantly surprised to see friendly people in Russia, delicious food, streets with proper facilities, interesting sights, a big choice of rest and leisure opportunities at low prices. They see a modern, developed and safe peaceful country,” Safronov said.

In general, tourism to Russia is anticipated to grow for 20%-25% by 2022. “In 2000-2017, the number of tourists from foreign countries increased by 123%. It is a good indicator, but we have more space for growth,” the official said.

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