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Moldovan president under threat of imprisonment

The Constitutional Court of Moldova has submitted an appeal to the parliament asking to set responsibility (including imprisonment) for failure to fulfil constitutional duties and verdicts of the Constitutional Court.

The statement was made after President Igor Dodon was for the third time temporarily dismissed from his post as he had refused to confirm members of the government and promulgate bills drafted by the ruling majority.

“There is a clause in the Criminal Code on failure to fulfil verdicts of general courts. Why there is no such clause for decisions of the Constitutional Court that are not less important? There is such responsibility almost all over Europe; there is no such responsibility in this country only, so such games are allowed,” President of the Moldovan Constitutional Court Tudor Panțîru said. According to him, the cat-and-mouse game between the parliament and the presidential administration has become ridiculous.

In response to the address from the Constitutional Court, parliamentarians from the Democratic Party registered a draft bill to amend the Criminal Code.

As EADaily reported earlier, Moldovan President Igor Dodon was tree times dismissed for violating his constitutional duties connected with signing decrees. His duties temporarily go to the speaker of the parliament or the prime minister until the documents are signed.

Dodon says the decisions of the Constitutional Court are unlawful and calls actions of the ruling alliance misappropriation of power.

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