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Belarus to be the first from CIS countries to supply beef to China

Belarus will be the first country in the CIS to supply beef to China, Belarusian Agriculture Minister Leonid Zayats has announced after his visit to China.

Belarus will be the 13th country in the world that is granted the right to sell beef to China, he said. Chinese requirements for imported goods are seen as one of the toughest in the world. The first shipment will be 26 tons.

Besides, the countries agreed on poultry supplies. First shipment is to be sent to Hongkong.

During the visit to China, Belarusian companies signed contracts to sell agriculture products to China in 2018 worth $114 mn. Besides, the Belarusian delegation discussed opportunities of Chinese investments to agriculture industry in Belarus. Within several days, a delegation of Chinese Drex Food Group is expected to come to Belarus and sign a $250mn-worth contract to construct dairy units in Vitebsk Region.

Increased attention to the cooperation with China is one of recent trends in the “multitrack” policy pursued by Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko.

“For us, Belarus is a partner playing a significant role in implementation of the Belt and Way projects. Our countries are to take even more effort to strengthen the trade and investment relations,” Chinese President Xi Jìnpíng announced this May while meeting with Lukashenko in Beijing.

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