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Armenian parliament again dismisses Yelq Bloc’s initiative to exit EAEU

Tuesday, on December 5, the National Assembly of Armenia rejected Yelq Bloc’s draft decision on Armenia’s exit from the Russian-led Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) again. 76 parliamentarians voted against the initiative versus 6 votes “for” the exit.

Earlier, the document was given a negative assessment by a subject-specific commission. The draft decision was set for voting in early October as well.

One of the Yelq Bloc leaders, Edmon Marukyan says citizens of Armenia will feel all the “benefits” of their EAEU membership starting January 1. A bunch of essential goods will rise in price drastically, as the EAEU Customs Code will come into force with new customs rates on import of goods from third countries.

The ruling Republic Party members do not share Marukyan’s concerns saying Armenia’s involvement in the Eurasian integration project is justified at large.

“We have discussed all the arguments raised by Yelq Bloc in details. We have no serious facts to link possible price hikes or shrinking of investments in Armenia’s economy with its EAEU membership. Moreover, there is no integration union without problems and miscalculations,” says Hermine Naghdalyan, a representative of the Republican Party.

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