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“USA caused unlimited damage to Serbs, beyond good and evil”

Recently, US diplomats made several statements on the Balkans. By the way, most attention was paid to Serbia. First, Ambassador Kyle Scott reminded of $4bn invested by the United States in Serbia and offered a helping hand to it in further attraction of foreign investments. Then, Atlantic Council, an American think tank, proposed a new strategy called “Balkans Forward”. It key messages include permanent US military mission in Southeast Europe, a “historic” rapprochement with Serbia and “regain the United States’ reputation as an honest broker.” Russian expert on the Balkans Anna Filimonova has shared her view on the recent statements of the US ambassador to Serbia to EADaily.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the US foreign policy and statements made by US officials, we cannot apply to them either such concept like conscience, or such concept like adequateness. One can see a huge gap between the American propaganda (that seems to be losing any connection to the reality and anything human) and the US activities on the ground in every country.

The most vivid example was the recent statement made by the US ambassador that the US invested $4bn into Serbia. Does he suppose the Serbs should express their gratefulness for it?

First, the US bombed Serbia and Montenegro, bombed Serbs in Bosnia and Hercegovina, bombed the Serbian people during a sudden military aggression with clearly invading goals. The matter was about destroying the country, and not only its economy. The economic losses are last in the list here, although Serbia was truly robbed and deprived of development. Mere approximate losses caused the bombings total more than $100bn, but I think it is about at least $200bn. This is the sum the USA owes to Serbia directly.

Further losses need to be counted. Direct losses include bombardments by low-enriched uranium. Indirect losses for the people are that Serbia shows the highest level of oncological diseases in Europe. These losses are impossible to be counted; the people are set for horrendous death that is a result of the American bombardments.

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I haven’t mentioned yet that the US was the instigator of the civil war in Yugoslavia and then initiated transformation of the Balkan region that is in the interests of the US, but not the Serbian people. These things cannot be counted either: the USA caused unlimited damage to Serbs, beyond good and evil.

What was the ambassador talking about? I would like to hear where those $4bn are gone, to what companies. Why cannot we see any result? What has improved? I suppose, there will be no answer.

If he is speaking about investments, then Scott is distorting the reality. As “the investments” here mean only one thing: that raw materials and cheap labor force are used, while the whole profit is taken to the US, it does not remain in Serbia. So, this is not investments in Serbia, it is investments in the United States. Meanwhile, the ambassador’s statement is nothing but propaganda.

I would like to stress that the US is switching to the final stage of transformation of the Balkan region. In this connection, a statement made by Atlantic Council Executive Vice President Damon Wilson for the Voice of America on Nov 28 is very indicative. He said that the US would take under control Southeast Europe and the focus was on military presence.

This means that the US is sure that Russia is retreating from the region, so there is nothing to be fear of, while the territory is going under the US control, notably, with a more than serious strategic military component. Then, on this background we see that voices of Albanian leaders, Albania itself and quasi-state of Kosovo insisting upon unification of Albania and Kosovo and integration of south Serbia into an Albanian unit are becoming louder. One can state here that the Greater Albania project is in the full swing. Meanwhile, Damon Wilson has already mentioned that a new era is coming, that President Vucic is ready for painful decisions, and the US and Serbia are facing a “historic” rapprochement. In this context, I suppose that all this is about full recognition of Kosovo by Serbia, implementation of the Greater Albania project in any form, and about consent of the ruling Serbian elite to the proposed changes. All this will be covered by propaganda stock phrases like the ones the American ambassador made public recently.

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