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Energy ministry: Iran didn’t offer to Armenia gas cheaper than Russian

Armenia has not received any official proposal from Iran on purchase of natural gas at a price lower than the Russian one.

According to the spokesman for the Armenian Energy Infrastructure and Natural Resources Minister Vasak Tarposhyan, Yerevan repeatedly said it was ready to buy gas from any country at a competitive price.

“Presently, the Iranian gas is more expensive than Russian. We received no official proposal from Iranian partners to buy gas from them at a price that is lower than for the Russian gas,” Tarposhyan said in an interview to EADaily. He added that prospects of the energy cooperation development are treated in Armenia in a regional format.

Earlier, Armtimes.com reported that during a recent visit of the Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif energy cooperation was discussed among other issues. Iran reportedly agreed to supply gas to Armenia for domestic consumption at a lower price than Armenia is buying from Russia.

Now, Russia is selling gas to Armenia at the price of $150 for 1,000 c m.

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