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Serbian party offers to engage Russia in talks on Kosovo

The Brussels agreements on Kosovo are difficult to implement under the aegis of the European Union, in an atmosphere of continuous blackmailing and threats addressed solely to the Serb side, representatives of the Serb League party have stated in a message published on the party's official website on November 27.

As the Serbian League puts it, the Brussels agreements are not observed precisely because the chief mediator in the negotiations is biased towards their participants. The latter sets new conditions for Serbia to join the EU and pressures Belgrade to sign "everything that can only be signed."

The Serb League marks the fallacy of the decision by ex-President Boris Tadic to withdraw negotiations on the status of Kosovo from the UN Security Council, where Serbia is supported by the largest and most influential countries in the world, such as Russia, China, Brazil, India and others.

The party in its message draws attention to the fact that implementation of the agreements reached in Brussels is postponed indefinitely, and with the tacit consent of the Western powers led by the US, Pristina does not hurry to implement the documents signed.

"These are quite sufficient reasons to involve some more states and their representatives in the negotiations on Kosovo and Metohija, thus avoiding the frequent blocking of the political process and trampling in one place. The best example of how international conflicts and crises are resolved is the joint participation of Russia, Iran, and Turkey in search of a settlement of the situation in Syria. Effective diplomacy and the success of the talks in Astana showed that the Russian Federation was a key factor in resolving the Syrian crisis and stabilizing the situation in the entire Middle East. This process has had a positive effect in several directions: the end of the military operation in Syria; restoring the order in Syria and stability in the Middle East and the effective fight against terrorism and the ISIS (an organization banned in the Russian Federation - EADaily)," the Serb League believes.

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As noted in the message, the diplomatic weight and experience of Russia in the organization of negotiations in Astana testifies that in the case of Kosovo and Metohija a new negotiating team can be formed with the participation of the parties, between which there is a frozen conflict at the moment.

"But unlike the dialogue in Brussels, a possible format with Russian participation will be beneficial for Serbia, given the support of its territorial integrity and national interests on the part of Russia. But the initiative to organize negotiations of this format should come exclusively from Serbia and its state leadership", the Serb League believes.

EADaily recalls that in July 2017, after Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić announced the beginning of an "internal dialogue" on Kosovo, the leadership of the parliamentary Serbian Radical Party declared that it would not participate in this dialogue. The SRP was then informed that the dialogue on Kosovo and Metohija, on the contrary, should be frozen and the solution of the problem returned to the UN framework. "We also insist that Russia join our discussions as our defender, since Albanians have already had their defender in the face of Brussels and, of course, the United States for decades," the Serbian Radicals' leadership said. The SRP also called to recall Resolution 1244 of the UN Security Council on Kosovo.

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