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Gazprom fixes growth of gas demand on Turkish Stream route

Countries that are potential consumers of the Russian gas to be supplied via the Turkish Stream pipeline which is under construction now have shown growing demand. From Jan 1 to Nov 15 2017, gas exports to Turkey has also grown, namely by 21.7% comparing to the same period last year, the company reports.

According to Gazprom, exports to Greece in the same period grew by 12.1%, to Bulgaria by 7.1%, to Hungary by 24.4%, to Serbia by 26.7%.

Earlier, it was reported that Gazprom exports to non-neighboring countries grew by 8.6% up to 165.7bn cubic meters. Besides, Gazprom stresses that the demand grew in those countries that will receive gas via Nord Stream 2 route.

EADaily reminds that the Turkish Stream is an export pipeline to Turkey via the Black Sea. The first route of the pipeline is supposed to deliver gas to Turkish consumers, the second one is to supply gas to South and South-Eastern Europe. Capacity of the routes is 17.75bn cubic meters each.

In early November, the first line entered the Turkish economic exclusive zone. Gas supply is expected to start in December 2019.

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