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Dodon: Moldova wants to restore strategic partnership with Russia

Photo: kremlin.ru

Moldova is an important partner for Russia and Moscow hopes for development of the interstate ties in all fields, Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced at a meeting with Moldovan President Igor Dodon in Moscow on Jan 17.

“Unfortunately, we know that the relations between the two countries have not been very good in recent time. It is reflected by a decline in the trade turnover: it has shrunk almost twofold within last years. But I do hope that your first visit to Russia (it is your first foreign visit as president) would be a good momentum for development of our ties in all fields,” the Russian leader said.

In his turn, Dodon said he was sure that the Moldova-Russia relations are facing a new era.

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“Within last seven years, unfortunately, the strategic partnership with Russia disappeared from strategic documents in Moldova. But last year, the Moldovan people voted for the president and his program. Most Moldovan citizens voted for preserving the statehood, for neutrality, for strategic partnership with Russia, for the Transnistrian conflict settlement, for preserving our traditionally Orthodox values. And we sincerely hope that since 2017 we are facing a new stage and will be able to restore the strategic partnership in key directions,” the Moldovan president said.

He noted that it was his first official visit after he was elected as president and the first visit of a Moldovan president to Russia since 2008. “In last nine years, none of the country’s leaders paid official visits to Russia. So, most Moldovan citizens, the whole Moldova are closely watching this visit having great hopes for settlement of those issues we have aggravated,” Dodon concluded.

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