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Moldovan president dismisses defense minister

President of Moldova Igor Dodon dismissed Defense Minister Anatol Şalaru in the morning of December 27.

“A few minutes ago, I signed a decree on dismissal of Defense Minister Şalaru who has bad reputation. I thank Mihai Ghimpu for this suggestion and recommend him to behave the same way with other liberal ministers of the incumbent government,” Dodon said in a social media post.

Dodon wrote that Şalaru openly comes out for unification with Romania, “which runs contrary to the responsibilities of the defense minister of an independent and sovereign state.”

“He was flirting with NATO being well-aware that under the constitution, the Republic of Moldova is a neutral country. He was the one who was behind deployment of American military hardware in the Great National Assembly Square on the Victory Day, which is nothing but provocation,” the Moldovan leader writes.

In addition, Dodon blamed Anatol Şalaru for damaging the property of the defense ministry “through selling ammunition, making doubtful arms deals and using material benefits on the balance of the defense ministry.”

“I think, a professional, honest person devoted to Moldova should take the minister’s post,” Igor Dodon writes for conclusion.

As EADaily reported earlier, after his election as president of Moldova and before his inauguration, Dodon said one of his first decisions related to human resources will be dismissal of Anatol Şalaru, vice chairman of the Liberal Party, from the post of defense minister. Dodon does not support Şalaru’s unionist views and aspirations for NATO, which might result in loss of sovereignty and neutral status of Moldova.

Prior to inauguration of Dodon, Mihail Ghimpu, chairman of the Liberal Party having majority in the Moldovan parliament, addressed to the then president Nicolae Timofti with a proposal to dismiss Şalaru.

Liberals suggested Valery Munteanu, who advocates unification with Romania, as defense minister.

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Published on December 27th, 2016 11:55 AM
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