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Abkhazian opposition is called to rally until president leaves

Aslan Bzhania, Co-chair of the Bloc of Opposition Forces Abkhazia, has called those rallying in Sukhumi not to leave the Theatrical Square unless President Raul Khajimba satisfies their demand and leaves.

“We do not urge an overthrow, we just say that the person that underperforms must leave,” TASS quotes Bzhania as saying. “The president must leave. There are people, including in his team, who could manage the country better than Raul Khajimba does. He should give them an opportunity to work,” he said at the rally.

As EADaily reported earlier, today, on December 15, the Bloc of Opposition Forces is holding a rally demanding resignation of the president whose term is ending just in 2019. Simultaneously, the president’s supporters took the streets too. The sides still do not manage to sit at a negotiating table.

Addressing his supporters, Raul Khajimba said the authorities are building relations that will help Abkhazia become a full-fledged country.

“Many have no idea what is happening in our country. However, crossing the line they will have no way back. I believe that our people are reasonable. We must prevent unlawful actions. Some people seek to escalate the situation. We must protect our country and the people,” the president said.

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