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In Chisinau, 14 police officers injured in clashes with protesters

Fourteen police officers were injured in clashes with protesters during the Sunday action of protest organized by The Dignity and Truth civic platform in Chisinau, Alexandru Pinzari, Chief of Moldova’s General Police Inspectorate, told a news conference on Sunday.

Earlier it was reported that four police officers were taken to hospital.

“Unfortunately, our information that public disorders were prepared has been confirmed. The police prevented the unrest. Today, 14 law-enforcers were injured, and the four of them were hospitalized. Unfortunately, two civilians have applied for medical aid too,” Pinzari said.

He said the police officers were injured mainly as the crowds were throwing stones at them. “Their health condition is stable now,” he said adding that a suspect has been detained and put under arrest for 72 hours. A criminal case was initiated on the fact of the disorders.

The clashes started after the law-enforcers did not let the protesters to the house of Vladimir Plahotniuc, Vice Chairman of the ruling Democratic Party, in the city center. The protesters started throwing stones at the police.

Anti-governmental protests of the left opposition forces – the Party of Socialists and Our Party, and The Dignity and Truth (DA) right-centrist platform - have been regularly breaking out since autumn in Moldova.  The rallies have intensified since January 20, 2016, as the government of Pavel Filip (a member of the Democratic Party) was approved.

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