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Opposition protesting against Declaration of Stabilization and Modernization of Moldova

Parliament of Moldova has ratified the Declaration of Stabilization and Modernization of the country with the majority of votes. The 10-point document looks to promote the political stability in the country and the European integration in conformity with the Association Agreement with the EU.

Actually, the country needs to pass new laws agreed upon with the foreign partners and carry out reforms.

“This declaration is a commitment to what is yet to be done. All the drawbacks in the reforms will be removed shortly. We admit our previous failures and will try to regain the public confidence in politicians and government agencies,” said Andrian Candu, the speaker of the Moldovan parliament.

He hopes the people will understand that the reforms are inevitable, as the country’s European integration directly depends on the reforms and bills to be adopted after obtaining an agreement of European partners. “We are sure that the country’s image depends on the relations with foreign partners,” Candu said.

By signing the declaration, the lawmakers have reaffirmed their support to the plan of cooperation with the International Monetary Fund and implementation of joint tasks.

Andrian Candu said the reform of the National Anti-Corruption Center, National Anti-Corruption Commission and Attorney General’s Office will be continued. “Everyone will be equal before the law. We pledge to adopt a package of laws to ensure the security of the banking and financial sector so that no one could ever steal the people’s money,” the parliament speaker said.

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Meantime, the parliamentary opposition is skeptical about both the declaration and Candu’s statement he made on behalf of the parliament majority.

Elena Bondarenko, the head of the Communist Party faction, said the parliamentary majority has ruined the democracy and the right structure of the parliament.

Maria Ciobanu, a member of the Liberal-Democratic Party faction, supported Bondarenko saying the declaration is senseless, as “the Republic of Moldova is a seized country.”

In this light, Igor Dodon’s Party of Socialists demonstratively left the parliament promising to resume protests next week. Otherwise, they say, the government will not amend the constitution and will not dissolve the parliament. “We can achieve our goals only by pressing the government, but we will be doing it peacefully,” Dodon said.

EADaily reported earlier that protests have been shaking Moldova for already six months. The opposition is protesting against the actions of the coalition of pro-European parties blaming them of corruption and the dramatically worsening living standards.

The protests have intensified since January 20 2016, after Democrat Pavel Filip’s government was approved. Protesters stormed the parliament. Afterwards, another four protests were held in Chisinau. The protesters, among others, demand resignation of the government, dissolution of the parliament, snap parliamentary elections, and constitutional reform for a shift to direct election of the president (now the president is elected by the parliament).

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