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Leader of Right Sector fighters forms a new movement in Ukraine

The leader of the Right Sector (a Ukrainian force banned in Russia - EADaily) Dmytro Yarosh is going to withdraw from the party and to form a new movement.

“I think the Right Sector has fulfilled its revolutionary mission and now my team and I are planning to withdraw from it,” Yarosh said.

“We are planning to form a new all-national patriotic movement. It will not be radical but it will not be very liberal either. We are not deviating from our revolutionary road but we are not going to be pseudo-revolutionaries. We are in opposition to the ruling regime but we are not plotting any bloody riots against it,” Yarosh said.

He said that the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps will continue to grow. “The 5th and 8th battalions and Hospitaliers will be reorganized into a Ukrainian Volunteer Army. It will be one of the key components of our new force,” Yarosh said.

As EADaily reported earlier, the key reason why Yarosh has withdrawn from the Right Sector is that he does not want to be a “celebrity-for-hire” there. Now he will take the command of the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps and some battalions that were actively involved in Kiev’s punitive operations in Donbass.

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