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Weak-willed Hollande and France’s false multiculturalism: who is to blame for the “Paris slaughter”

France is shocked. The last attacks in Paris have killed more than one hundred of people, with hundreds more being in hospitals.

The whole Europe is panic-stricken. EU’s special services and police authorities are consulting how to prevent similar “slaughters” in other countries.

The whole of France is in a state of siege. The biggest cities are being patrolled by the army.

As was expected, ISIL fighters claimed responsibility for the attack.

It seems that everything is clear.

But no sooner had they in Paris cleaned their streets from human blood than the world press began wondering “who is actually to blame?” and “what should we do?”

Before answering these questions, we should understand why the so-called Islamists (for those people have nothing to do with Islam as a religion) have again chosen France as their target.

Most of the experts in inter-religious and inter-ethnic relations say that for many years already in France religious contradictions between radical “Islamists” and the natives have been balancing on the verge of a conflict.

As the percentage of Muslims in that country is growing, the rightists are becoming more and more active. The last polls have shown that if parliamentary elections were held this Monday, Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Front would get as many as 1/3 of the seats.

Unlike the Germans, the French kept denying the failure of their multiculturalism policy and insisted that most of their non-French co-citizens had been successfully turned into Frenchmen. The last attacks have shown that they were deceiving themselves and were using passionate words about “peaceful co-existence” just to cover up the contradictions that were steadily growing in their society.

The second reason why it was France again is the personality of its President Francois Hollande, who is reputed as the weakest willed politician in the history of the Third Republic. We prefer not to dwell on Hollande’s foreign political failures (from his support for all of the United States’ initiatives in the Middle East and Africa to his absurd and shameful refusal to meet his military obligations to Russia). The sponsors and organizers of the attacks in Paris knew how Hollande would react. According to most of the European experts, the French president is ready to pamper all of those who “are not like us” (the words from his speech at a “diversity” forum in Lyon) and is not ready to take tough measures against extremists. The French President prefers acting diplomatically. So, he is not able to react appropriately to the military actions that took place in Paris Nov 13-14 night.

Unfortunately, most of the experts in Europe are warning that the “Paris slaughter” was just a rehearsal for more drastic and bloody attacks and that Europe’s principles of humanism, tolerance and multiculturalism are regarded by Islamists as weakness and a signal that they can freely attack European capitals.

Arman Abovyan, specially for EADaily

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