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Transnistria launches signature campaign for recognition of its independence by Russia

Citizens of Transnistria have initiated a signature campaign to ask Russia for recognition of the republic’s independence.

“We have been fighting for our right to live in our country and speak our native language for 25 years already.  During those lean years, Russia has always supported Transnistria. In 1992, Russian troops stopped the bloodshed on the Dniester. Russia still helps us develop economy, social sector and education,” the citizens say in the petition for independence recognition.

The people substantiate the petition with the results of a nation-wide referendum of 2006 when 97.2% of the citizens voted for the policy “towards independence of Transnistria and its further free unification with Russia,” according to novostipmr.ru.

“With the developments in neighboring Moldova and Ukraine and the aggravating political and economic crisis there, the pressure on Transnistria grows too. This leads to permanent violation of our citizens’ rights and fundamental freedoms. As Transnistria’s security is endangered, the status of our country, recognition of our statehood by the Russian Federation is becoming acute,” the petition reads.

Further in the document, the people of Transnistria appeal to the leadership and people of Russia for support and urge them to join the signature campaign. “The more votes, the sooner the world will learn about us,” they say.

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