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DPR can prove that Malaysian Boeing was shot down by Ukrainian army

Deputy Commander of the DPR Defense Ministry’s Corps Eduard Basurin

The Defense Ministry of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) has proofs that the Malaysian Boeing that fell in 2014 was shot down by the Ukrainian armed forces.

During a briefing on Oct 14, Deputy Commander of the DPR Defense Ministry’s Corps Eduard Basurin showed the evidence.

It was a captured map of a Ukrainian air mobile brigade commander. “As you can see, the map pictures the launching sites of Buk missile systems. One of them is located near Gruzsko-Zoryanskoye some three kilometers west of Ilovaysk, the other is just two kilometers south of Shakhtyorsk near Zaroschenskoye at the height of 224.8 meters. This is exactly the place the Russian experts were talking about,” Basurin said, meaning the result of an inquiry by the Russian Almaz-Antey Concern.

“Any sensible man will see here that the Boeing was shot down from a territory then controlled by the Ukrainian side, more specifically, from the village of Zaroschenskoye, and from a weapon still available in the Ukrainian army. The map will be given to experts for further investigation,” Basurin said.

As EADaily reported earlier, a group of Almaz-Antey experts have found out that the Boeing was shot down by a 9M38, a very old type of missile (the last one produced in 1986), launched from the village of Zaroschenskoye (then controlled by the Ukrainian side). Their findings have disproved the international commission’s conclusion that the missile was launched from the village of Snezhnoye.

On Oct 13, Chairman of the Dutch Safety Board Tjibbe Joustra presented the findings of a Dutch investigation committee saying that Ukraine had to close its air space for the sake of safety but did not do that.

The Boeing was flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur and fell down in the territory of the DPR’s Shakhtyorsk district on July 17 2014. All the 298 people that were on the board were killed. The DPR authorities did all they could to help experts from the Netherlands and Malaysia. They in Kiev and the West hurried to say that the plane was shot down by Donbass self-defenders. And they are still insisting on this.

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