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Italian politician: Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia do not fit in EU

Giulietto Chiesa. Photo: grso.ru

Giulietto Chiesa, a well-known Italian politician, former European parliamentarian, journalist and publicist, told RuBaltic the Baltic States do not fit in the European Union.

“I think we should think over expansion of Europe’s borders again. I think Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia should not be part of the European Union. They joined the EU without acknowledging their past. They were insufficiently denazified within the 20th century. Their leaders lived mainly in the United States, Canada and in the West. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, they returned with their former ideas. The ideas of their officials and politicians do not meet the ones of the anti-Nazi Europe. They have probably forgotten that Europe was established on the basis of the anti-Nazi movement and victory over Nazism. Maybe they think there are countries that are indifferent to that. It is not so. The Old Europe is the anti-Fascist and anti-Nazi Europe. Meanwhile, the Baltic States support Ukraine where the Nazi has come to power. Actually, they are in Europe and at the same time run contrary to the laws of Old Europe. Furthermore, they systematically fight against these laws. I saw personally how the delegations of those countries behave themselves inside the European Parliament. They have only one goal – to fight against Russia.  What they rely on is not clear. Russia is not the Soviet Union. In addition, they create tension between Russia and Europe. Perhaps, it is a policy: to break the unity of the anti-Nazi movement. It is a cultural and historical problem. They are not ready to live in free Europe and they behave as representatives of a different vision of political freedoms in Europe.”

Last December, the Estonian authorities resorted to an unprecedented step by detaining the EU citizen Chiesa and expelling him from the country over alleged propaganda for restoration of the Soviet Union. Chiesa tried to dispute the decision at the Tallinn Court but without success.  The politician said he was actually expelled for Estonia for his political views.  He disclaimed all the charges brought against him. “It runs contrary to all the human rights and freedoms in Europe. The decision by the Tallinn Court runs contrary to Estonia’s presence in the EU,” he said.

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