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Mayor election in Kiev: Kolomoisky to “troll” Poroshenko, victory to belong to Klitschko

Tatyana Montyan. Photo: Tatyana Montyan

On August 6, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko ratified a law on local elections. Earlier the Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reform (UDAR) and the Petro Poroshenko Bloc parties made a decision to jointly participate in the local elections. Vitali Klitschko, Mayor of Kiev, will be nominated for that position again. The list of the candidates also includes Hennadiy Korban, a teammate of oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky. Ukrainian public figure and politician Tatyana Montyan shares her views with EADaily on who else can compete with the incumbent mayor of Kiev and how the election course and results are forecast.

Would you comment on your attitude towards the mayor election in Kiev? 

— It is a clownade, as always. The law is as dreadful as a nuclear war. They wanted to do it in the German manner, but they did it “a la russe”, having rewritten the law on St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly elections or something like that.

Who do you think will be Klitschko's rival? 

— I think comrade Korban will try to become Klitschko's competitor, but it is not clear how the voters will treat that fact after the rampant dishonor he displayed in Chernihiv.

What would you say about Korban’s nomination from the Ukrainian Union of Patriots (Ukrop) Party?

— As far as I understand, Kolomoisky has decided to keep “trolling” Poroshenko. We look forward to seeing what kind of “trolling” they will plot up. But the residents of Kiev are unlikely to be tricked by it. This will need parmesan, foie gras, smoothie and all that jazz, because the Chernihiv-like option won’t work. Now buckwheat is called “carbonara” in Chernihiv. However, it is clear that Korban is unlikely to succeed, though I think he will make an excellent “trolling”. The electoral campaign is passing swiftly, it lasts for 34 days, but one can give out some 60UAH gifts with party logos, I guess. That is, several packs of buckwheat will be a real deal. The residents of Kiev are already preparing their bags, because everyone is going to give out such gifts.

Why has Klitschko joined forces with Poroshenko?

— What else could Klitschko do? The UDAR Party has scattered away because it had no chance to succeed. Poroshenko has power – he is the president. Therefore, Klitschko has no other choice. Actually, Klitschko is no leader at all. He is not a mayor, as his functions are obviously performed by other people (for instance, by first deputy mayor Nikonov and his fellows). As for Klitschko, he is just a formal mayor. But he has no competitors, strange though it may seem. Whatever the authorities of Kiev do, Klitschko's rating remains rather high, because people see no other alternatives.

Do you mean Klitschko has the highest chances for victory? 

— He will surely go forward to a second round of voting. Let’s wait and see who will invest more buckwheat during the second round.

Do you think Timoshenko’s candidacy is realistic? 

— Her rating will never bring her more than 10%. She has already disappointed all those who liked her. Therefore, she will receive 10% of votes from those who have not yet understood who she is.

What is your general forecast regarding the course and outcomes of the elections? 

— I think Klitschko will go forward to the second round and win the elections. The question who else will enter the second round is still hanging in the air. It depends on who will give out more 60 UAH gifts with party logos. Now it is directly permitted by our new remarkable law. After all, it does not matter who will be the mayor if the mayor's functions are all the same performed by absolutely different people.

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