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Situation in Tajik-Kyrgyz border area stabilized

A border conflict in Kyrgyzstan (archive image). Photo: rusplt.ru

Kyrgyz law enforcers have managed to take under control the situation near Mayskaya community on the southern border of the country after local clashes between the citizens of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan on August 3.

According to the Interior Ministry of Kyrgyzstan, citizens of Tajikistan blocked the road to a local cemetery and did not let the citizens of Kyrgyzstan there. In response, the Kyrgyz turned off the water supply to the Tajik part of the border-zone.  Afterwards, the two groups started throwing stones at each another. The discrepancies grew into large-scale clashes and about 10 citizens of Kyrgyzstan were injured. Some needed medical assistance and were taken to hospital. Windows of some Kyrgyz houses were broken. By unofficial data, there are injured among the citizens of Tajikistan too.

The law-enforcers and frontier guards have managed to stabilize the situation and take it under control on the next day. Representatives of the frontier services of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan held several ad hoc meetings and agreed to take measures to prevent escalation, and this is not an altogether rare occurrence.

The point is that the border is not delimitated and the local residents regularly quarrel for the pastures, streams, and roads.

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