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The Tbilisi tragedy: Flood washes wild animals out of zoo, human casualties reported

Photo: rusnovosti.ru

Dramatic events took place in the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, on June 14. 11 people, both civilians and rescuers, were killed by a flood caused by a heavy shower. According to EADaily’s correspondent, two drowned women were found in a flooded private house in one of the city’s suburbs. One man was killed as a result of a landslide.

The municipal authorities have warned people not to go out as they have not yet caught the six lions, six tigers, seven bears and thirteen wolves who have been washed out of the zoo.

According to the head of the Animal Monitoring Department of Tbilisi’s Municipality Tengiz Pkhaladze, they were forced to kill several animals. More specifically, six wolves were killed in the territory of a children’s hospital. One lion and one bear were put down and taken back to the zoo.

Georgia-online quotes spokesperson of the Tbilisi Zoo Mzia Sharashidze, they have saved only a few animals – mostly those whose cages were higher than the flood level. “We have saved the hippo, the elephants, the lamas, the deer, the peacock, the zebras, the horses, the goats, the rhino as well as one jackal, two-three wolves, a few lions and 2-3 of 17 penguins,” Sharashidze said.

The flood has damaged lots of houses and roads. The local authorities are currently assessing the damages.

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