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Over half of Ukrainians ready to give up on Donbass for the sake of peace: poll

Over half of the Ukrainians are ready to give up on Donbass for the sake of peace, says a poll by the Sofia Center.

As many as 61.7% of the respondents said that they are for peace in the southeast of Ukraine even if it requires ceding Donetsk and Lugansk.

As many as 48.5% said that it must be their government’s top priority to stop the war. The second priority (15.6%) is to restore the economy and to create jobs.

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Only 12.2% of the Ukrainians believe that their president and government are doing their best to stop the war. 33.5% are sure that they are doing nothing at all. 48.7% think that they are doing something but not enough. Only 22.9% of the Ukrainians want to see the war continued and the occupied territories liberated.

The poll was held on May 6-18 and involved 3,609 people from all over Ukraine, including Kyiv-controlled areas in the southeast.

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