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Ukrainian Teni raiding group assumes responsibility for killing Alexey Mozgovoy

Commander of the Prizrak brigade Alexey Mozgovoy. Photo: lifenews.ru

Commander of the Prizrak (Ghost) brigade fighting in Lugansk Alexey Mozgovoy was killed in a special operation by the Ukrainian Teni (Shadows) raiding group, leader of the group Alexander Gladky announced in Facebook on May 24.

He made boast of the details of the attack and urged the Ukrainian government to pay a reward of $300,000 which he promised to send to the “Ukraine’s Defense Fund”. Gladky admitted that wounded Mozgovoy and his companions were fiercely finished off by shooting from machine-guns. According to him, Mozgovoy was hit by two bombs from a distance, he was in a vehicle moving from Stakhanov village. The vehicle was exploded near Mikhaylovka village. “Three people with Mozgovoy were killed by the explosion, two other were finished off from machine-guns,” Gladky informed.

However, Mozgovoy’s deputies announced that despite the death of their leader, Prizrak will continue fighting. “If someone thinks they can dissolve and frighten us this way, someone is mistaken. We have started gathering on May 2, 2014, they wanted to frighten us those days, but they will fail,” deputy commander Pyotr Biryukov said. “Alexey Mozgovoy is a fighter of Prizrak like anyone else. When he summoned the brigade, he knew he could die, like anyone else. He is a fighter. Those fighters who in the brigade right now will not be frightened. They will become angry. The time will come and we shall call everyone to task,” he said.

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