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Poroshenko approves Ukraine-NATO cooperation for 2015

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko signs decree approving the Annual National Program of cooperation of Ukraine and NATO for the current year, the president’s press office said today, on April 24.

The text of the program reads: “Ukraine's priority interest in the foreign policy sector is the development and further extension of strategic partnership between Ukraine and NATO.”

The program provides for such measures as comprehensive work on the domestic and foreign policies, judicial reform, anti-corruption measures, the fight against terrorism, cyber crimes, as well as measures towards integration into the European Union etc. The president charged the State Committee for Television and Radio of Ukraine, Foreign Ministry, Defense Ministry, other central bodies of the executive power involved in the fulfillment of the Annual National Program, as well as the local self-government to regularly inform the public of the program results.

The government of Ukraine approved the program of cooperation with NATO in February. It provides for training and social adaptation of the Ukrainian military, as well as reconsideration of the logistics and standards of the armed forces, and more efficient protection against cyber crimes.

As EADaily reported earlier, during his official visit to France on April 23, Petro Poroshenko said a nationwide referendum will be held on Ukraine’s accession to NATO.

“It is a fundamental issue. I will organize a referendum and the people will decide,” the president said.


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