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Putin: Russia will not be forcing behavior methods upon Kiev

Kiev authorities are dividing Donbass from Ukraine, which is a big tragedy. However, Russia is not going to force behavior methods upon Kiev leadership.  The remarks came from President Vladimir Putin at the traditional “Direct Line” with the population.

“I had persuaded them not to resume the military actions for a long time… Poroshenko was elected and he had a chance to try to achieve an agreement. But they unleashed military actions once, then did it for a second time, third time – it had tragic aftermaths for Ukrainians,” the president said.

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“I think it is a huge mistake. There is only one way out – implementation of the Minsk agreement, constitutional reform… We are not going to interfere, of course. Neither we will force any behavior method on Ukraine, but we are anticipating the Minsk agreements to be implemented by the Ukraine leadership.”

The president said partners are not chosen and it is necessary to act within the country’s interests and without emotions.  

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