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Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert Fico opposes sanctions against Russia

Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert Fico opposed the sanctions against Russia when speaking at a diplomatic conference assessing Slovakia's foreign and European policies, in Bratislava today, on April 14.

"I do not hanker for further sanctions against Russia. On the contrary, I am openly committed to solutions and dialogue," he said. “Once strategic partners, the European Union and Russia communicate today through sanctions and wage economic war. This approach is detrimental for everyone and we should not take comfort in the fact that Russia is hurt [by the sanctions] more," said Fico.

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The Slovakian official believes Russian and EU should cooperate as “civilized partners” to have mutual benefits. Opposing delivery of weapons to Kiev, Fico said it will lead to more victims on both sides.

“Military approaches (to the conflict in southeast of Ukraine) won't resolve the situation,” Fico said.

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