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Against the will of Brussels: Orban managed to create a right-wing faction in the European Parliament

Andrei Babish, Herbert Kickl and Viktor Orban. Photo: TOBIAS STEINMAURER / AFP

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban managed to form a new right-wing faction in the European Parliament, which included right-wing parties from Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Denmark and Portugal. Der Spiegel writes about this, noting with relief that there is no "Alternative for Germany" (AdG) among them.

"At the moment there is no such option," explained Alice Weidel, co—chair of the AdG.

According to her, the German right is now working on its long-term strategic project. Nevertheless, the Fidesz—Hungarian Civil Union found six more parties from other EU countries that agreed to join the Patriots for Europe faction with it.

Among them are the "Flemish Interest" from Belgium, the Austrian Freedom Party, the Danish People's Party, the Czech populist "Action of Dissatisfied Citizens" (ANO), the Portuguese "Enough is Enough!", the Spanish right-wing party "Golos", and the party of Geert Wilders "Freedom Party".

Der Spiegel points out that all parties are united by a traditional right-wing program: the rejection of migration and the Green Course climate protection program, the refusal to support Ukraine, and the strengthening of the sovereignty of national states. During the formal announcement of the creation of a new faction, Orban said that the new political association would change Europe "against the will of the Brussels elites."

The new faction expects to become the largest union of right-wing forces in the EU. According to Der Spiegel, this will be possible only if the French "National Association" joins the faction. Marine Le Pen said she is still considering Orban's proposal, and will make a decision only after the elections on Sunday.

The parties are due to meet tomorrow, July 8, in Brussels.

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