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Biden gave away a military secret

Biden admits to inventing a computer chip. Illustration: freeze frame / ABC / TK by Vladimir Kornilov

It seems that US President Joe Biden gave away some kind of military secret in an interview with ABC. Political analyst Vladimir Kornilov writes about this in his telegram channel.

This is how Kornilov commented on Biden's admission that he was involved in the invention of a computer chip.

"Today, many people quoted a fragment of Joe Biden's interview about his achievements in strengthening NATO. But I was more shocked by the ending of this moment, in which Biden takes credit for... inventing computer chips.

He clearly says, "We invented a chip, a small chip, a computer chip." It would be very interesting to hear the details of this fascinating story, you must agree! Has old Biden given away some kind of military secret here?" — the political observer is ironic.

As reported by EADaily, US President Joe Biden has reached the stage of a grumpy old man — in this spirit, the American media reacted to the first interview of the current owner of the White House to ABC television after the failed debate with Donald Trump.

Joe Biden in an interview justified himself for the recent failed debates in Atlanta, while making it clear that he would not withdraw his candidacy from the presidential race voluntarily, the Bild telegram channel wrote in Russian.

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Published on July 6th, 2024 10:26 PM
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