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The Russian Foreign Ministry summoned the Romanian ambassador: We are expelling your diplomat

The Russian Foreign Ministry, the flag of Romania. Photo: rupor.md

The Russian Foreign Ministry summoned the Romanian ambassador today, July 3, to inform him of the decision to expel an employee of the diplomatic mission in Moscow. They noted that "this measure is a response to the previously unmotivated decision taken by the Romanian side to declare the diplomat of the Russian Embassy in Bucharest persona non grata."

"On July 3, Romanian Ambassador to Moscow K. was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry. Istrate, who was handed a note from the ministry declaring a persona non grata employee of the Romanian Embassy," the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Recall that on May 24, Bucharest announced the expulsion of a diplomat from the Russian embassy "for actions that contradict the provisions of the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations." The Russian Embassy in Bucharest rejected the accusations against its employee, calling them unfounded. Moscow warned at the time that it would respond to these actions by the Romanian side.

Recall that a diplomatic scandal broke out after the Romanian special services detained a citizen of the country suspected of spying for Russia. He collected military information, photographed military equipment and the movement of personnel on the border with Ukraine. He allegedly transmitted the information he received to the Russian Embassy in Bucharest.

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