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Russian Border Service warns of risks of attacks in Crimea

Photo: frontinfo.media

The risk of Ukrainian raiders getting into the territories of Crimea and Rostov Region of Russia still exists, the head of the Russian Border Service Vladimir Kulishov has announced.

According to him, attackers are trying to bring weapons and munitions to the Russian territory. In this connection, he said the situation on the Russian-Ukrainian border is uneasy.

The head of the Border Service stressed that officers of the service discover not only smuggled goods, but explosives, weapons, munitions.

Rueconomics.ru reports that in last two years, more than 22 kg of explosives, 80 units of weaponry, 20,000 ammunition supplies were seized at the border.

According to Kulishov, members of radical groups acting in the Ukrainian territory pose threat. Besides, he complained that Ukrainian border officers behave incorrectly and rudely towards Russian citizens.

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