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Head of Transcarpathia accuses Ukrainian Interior Ministry of provocations

Hennadiy Moskal

The head of the Transcarpathian regional administration Hennadiy Moskal has accused the Ukrainian Interior Ministry of provocations and large-scale installation of bugging devices.

“Instead of combatting crime, the economic division of the Interior Ministry that is taking instruction directly from Kiev is engaged in abrupt provocations,” Moskal posted on his website. He explained that in March and April, bugs were detected in different institutions in the region. The wire-tapping was illegal and were supposed to be used for blackmailing.

According to him, in order to put an end to these practices, the Transcarpathian Regional Council addressed Interior Minister Arsen Avakov calling him to send a mission to the region and investigate the facts of wire-tapping that are creating “spy hysteria,” Moskal wrote.

He added there has been no reaction from the ministry yet. Citing “reliable sources,” he informed that another provocation is being prepared: a camera crew from one of central TV channels is to arrive in Transcarpathia and shoot a biased report on misappropriation in several sectors (first of all, in forestry) and it will serve as grounds to file a criminal procedure against an “organized crime group.” Hennadiy Moskal concluded he was upset to see the retrogression of the law enforcement system.

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