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Moldova asks UN to interfere into Transnistrian conflict settlement

Chisinau believes that the UN must exert intensive pressure upon the process of the Transnistrian conflict settlement. Speaking at the UN General Assembly session in New York, Moldovan Foreign Minister Tudor Ulianovschi has called the UN to involve corresponding institutions to protect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the member states.

“The Republic of Moldova supports efforts of the UN Secretary General to strengthen the UN potential in conflict prevention and securing stable peace,” Ulianovschi said.

He added that the high-ranking session needs to do its best and use maximum of its international authority to make Russian troops located in Transnistria leave the region as soon as possible.

Moldova insists that “illegal presence of the Russian troops and peacekeepers on Dniester does not help neutralizing the Transnistrian conflict” and “hampers the unification of the country.”

EADaily reported earlier that Moldova insists on replacing the current peacekeeping format by a civil mission under the aegis of the United Nations. Chisinau and its Ukrainian partners repeatedly said at various occasions that the Russian troops are a threat to them.

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