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History teacher and MP congratulates readers on Hitler’s birthday

A local MP in Lvov, Ukraine, has congratulated her readers in Facebook on Adolf Hitler’s birthday. Maryana Batyuk reminded that the founder of the Third Reich was born 129 years ago.

She wrote: “A great man, all around.”

Batyuk deleted the post in an hour after publication, reports FAN.

The situation becomes even more piquant as the admirer of the Nazi leader is not only an MP: she is history teacher and a deputy director of a school in Lvov in charge for educational work. Evidently, unable to cope with the pedagogical enthusiasm, she cited several abstracts from Hitler’s Mein Kampf book.

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In the whole world, Hitler’s personality is firmly associated with Fascism, Nazism and Holocaust. Rehabilitation of crimes of the Hitler regime is criminally liable in Germany and many other countries of the world. But this is not about Ukraine, where April 20 often becomes a day when numerous radical citizens let people know about themselves, and they are not shy from expressing sympathy to Hitler. A year ago, Hitlerites congratulated their Fuehrer in the center of the country’s capital Kiev.

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