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Naftogaz calculates Ukraine’s losses from Nord Stream 2

Photo: novostipmr.com

Ukraine’s economic losses from launch of Nord Stream 2 may total about 3 billion USD, Naftogaz Chief Commercial Officer Yuri Vitrenko has told one of local TV channels.

“I am speaking about big amounts, this is nearly 3 billion dollars and consequently 3% of GDP…The point is that Ukraine must insist on its interests, first of all, on the economic ones. If there is no transit, military risks will increase for Ukraine, therefore, it is vital for us to maintain transit,” Vitrenko said.

The commercial director said Ukraine works to keep the transit and expects EU’s decision that may affect construction of Nord Stream 2.

“We should work with our international partners in Europe, we have certain success and are waiting for the final decision of Council of the European Union that may prevent construction of Nord Stream 2. On the other hand, we have some work to do at home i.e. we must make certain steps inside Ukraine to reduce the risk of construction of Nord Stream-2,” Vitrenko said.

Despite Naftogaz’s hopes, it is evident that the pipeline will be built. EADaily reported earlier that the Federal Maritime and Hydrography Agency issued a permit for construction and operation of Nord Stream 2 in the exclusive economic zone of FRG in the Baltic Sea.

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