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Estonia not ready yet to expel Russian diplomats

Photo: err.ee.

Estonian Prime Minister Juri Ratas has given no certain answer if Estonia plans to follow the UK example and expel Russian diplomats, err.ee reports.

“I think that many countries think of following the UK example next week,” Ratas said in Brussels. On the eve of an EU summit, The Guardian wrote that the Baltic countries, Poland, and France are thinking of following the Landon example and expel Russian diplomats.

In his turn, member of the State Defense Commission of Riigikogu Margus Tsahkna announced that Estonia must do what Great Britain did. “Russia’s attack on Great Britain in Salisbury is an attack against all of us. We must provide this response to the UK Defense Secretary who is to visit his troops in Estonia on Sunday. The least thing we can do is undoubtedly to support our allies and expel from Estonia Russian diplomats-spies,” Tsahkna said in an interview to BNS.

“The most effective example of solidarity would be such decision taken by all EU countries. However, in reality only the Baltic countries and Poland are taking steps in this direction,” he added calling the UK Estonia’s closest ally.

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“When in 2016 the Warsaw NATO Summit decided to send NATO troops to our region and Poland to deter Russia’s aggression, it was a historical step. Until then, Article 5 of the NATO Charter was substantiated first of all by political rhetoric and symbolical guards of the color. But NATO was fast to implement the decision of the Warsaw Summit and today British troops defend Estonia from a possible Russia’s attack. The Brexit has only strengthened our defense and political ties, as Brits want to show themselves even more actively as leaders of the European defense capabilities. So, their troops are in Estonia. I do not rule out that Great Britain would think of increasing its military presence in Estonia, and the decision to expel the spies would show our support to our ally,” Tsahkna said. He added that French President Emmanuel Macron promised to send a unit to Estonia. “It is a good piece of news. In turn, we are increasing our troops in Mali, the government made such decision on Thursday,” he informed.

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