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Zakharova: Kosovo is a serious instability factor in Europe

Photo: Tsargrad

Creating independent armed forces of Kosovo, a political unit the real status of which failed to even get closer to a state status, will even more exacerbate the tense situation in the Balkan region, Russian Foreign Ministry’s Spokesperson Maria Zakharova has said at a briefing in Moscow on March 15.

Answering a question of EADaily’s correspondent if it seems to her that the transformation of the Kosovo Security Force into a full-fledged army on which the USA insists can only add up risks related to the security of the Balkan peninsula in general, Zakharova said: “No, it does not, as we are familiar with this fact. So, the question is not whether it seems or not, we can state it for sure. Both establishment of Kosovo and the way it was done, and the goals set during the partitioning of Serbia and tearing a part of the territory of a sovereign state, the way the information and political campaign to feed the new establishment was conducted, and the outcome of all this are undoubtedly a contributing and very serious factor of instability on the European continent.”

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As EADaily reported earlier, during a recent visit to Pristina, US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Wess Mitchell announced that the US is supporting the transformation of the Kosovo Security Force into a full-fledged army.

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