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Naftogaz will refuse breaking contract at a meeting with Gazprom

At a bilateral meeting that is expected to take place by the end of March, Naftogaz will announce that it refuses to break the contracts, Naftogaz Chief Commercial Officer Yuriy Vitrenko has announced.

“By the end of the month we are to have a meeting with the precious monopolist,” Naftogaz says in its Facebook account. The company will inform Gazprom that it is not ready to break the contracts.

Besides, we have sent Gazprom a claim to revise the tariffs. Implementation of the court verdict will also be discussed at the meeting, Vitrenko said.

EADaily reminds that Gazprom launched the procedure to break the contracts with the Ukrainian company after the Stockholm court ruled that Gazprom is to pay to Naftogaz $4.6bn for the undelivered transit gas. After the ruling, Miller said, the contracts with Ukraine became economically ineffective.

At the same time, he noted that there are no risks for the gas transit to Europe through the Ukrainian territory.

Earlier, deputy chair of the Russian monopoly Alexander Medvedev confirmed that the talks are to be held.

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