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Dodon: Nord Stream 2 to strengthen Moldova’s energy security

Moldova’s President Igor Dodon has made a statement condemning the government’s decision to support position of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia against construction of Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. The president called it “another manifestation of a phobia from the Moldovan parliament.”

“Many people today want to have an iron curtain on the border between West and East, to make people think of defending the borders instead of their countries’ wealth and progress. I think it to be a very dangerous and destructive approach. My position is unchanged: within the whole territory from Lisbon to Vladivostok there must be no barriers for cooperation and free trade,” Dodon stressed.

According to him, in the issue of Nord Stream 2 every country must be guided by its national interests. “Moldova has its own interest: to receive energy resources on a permanent basis at reasonable prices,” he said.

The president noted that now the republic has gas from Gazprom and depends fully on the transit via Ukraine. “Alternative supply, without transit risks, must strengthen Moldova’s energy security.” He concluded.

EADaily reported earlier that Speaker of the Moldovan Parliament Andrian Candu and his Ukrainian counterpart Andriy Parubiy wrote an open letter to the chairs of parliaments of EU member countries warning that the Nord Stream 2 is “potentially dangerous.”

European opponents of the project – Poland, Baltic countries, Denmark – insists that implementation of the project is aimed at increasing EU’s dependence on the Russian Gazprom concern that now supplies about a third of gas the EU consumes.

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