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Putin says ready for cooperation with opposition

Photo: the Kremlin press office

In an interview to NBC channel, Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced his readiness to cooperate with those opposition forces that are striving to strengthen the country.

“I would like to cooperate and ready to do this with those people who are striving to make Russia stronger, more effective, a competitive country, self-efficient one. But for this, people we are talking about must have a clear, well-defined program aimed at development of the country in the current situation. And such people do exist,” he said in the interview published on the president’s website.

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Megyn Kelly from NBC asked if Putin could “pardon” opposition politician Alexey Navalny in order to let him compete with Putin at the presidential election. Putin said, anyone can be pardoned if one deserves it.

Asked about his chances to be re-elected, Putin said one should wait and see what the Russian electorate decides.

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