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Ukraine had to buy gas in Europe at ransom price

In order to make up urgently for a gas shortage, Ukraine had to buy it from Europe at a ransom price. As Naftogaz Commercial Director Yuri Vitrenko announced, Ukraine’s European partners sold gas to it at price four time higher than it buys from the Russian Gazprom.

“We shall face enormous losses that nobody will cover. The gas in Europe cost $1,000 these days; it is four times more expensive than under the contract with Gazprom,” STrana.ua quotes him as saying.

He added that the price reached the record $1,325. Vitrenko thanked all “responsible Ukrainians” for lower gas consumption Naftogaz had asked before.

As EADaily reported earlier, on March 1, Gazprom ceased gas supply to Ukraine and announced it launched the procedure of rescinding the contract with Naftogaz.

Meanwhile, Kiev did not dare using its common practice of stealing the transit gas aimed for Europe. Naftogaz CEO Andriy Kobolyev issued a special statement saying that the controversy with Gazprom and the Ukrainian company posed no threat for Europe.

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