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Central Election Commission approved 8 candidates for Russian presidency

The Central Election Commission (CEC), at its meeting two weeks before the deadline, approved the text and form of the ballot, which voters will receive at the polling stations on the presidential election day.

The law requires names of candidates to be listed in the alphabetical order. Therefore, following candidates for the president’s post were included in the ballot: Sergey Baburin (The Russian National Union), Pavel Grudinin (The Communist Party of the Russian Federation), Vladimir Zhirinovsky (LDPR), Vladimir Putin (self-nomination), Ksenia Sobchak (The Civil Initiative), Maxim Suraykin (Communists of Russia), Boris Titov (The Party of Growth), Grigory Yavlinsky (Yabloko).

Opposite the name of each candidate his or her biographical data are given: the year of birth, the place of residence, the place of work and position, membership in the party.

We would like to recall that the CEC immediately registered as candidates Zhirinovsky and Grudinin, since they were nominated by the parties represented in the State Duma. Six applicants were required to hand over voter signatures to the CEC in their support. At the same time, after the inspection, they were all accepted, since the total number of rejects was less than 5%.

Putin appeared on the ballot as the sole self-nominated candidate, and Sobchak was the only woman candidate for the presidency.

The election commissions in the regions of Russia will soon begin printing ballots, which will then be delivered to the polling stations. The election will be held on March 18.

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