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Dodon: Interests of some players impede unification of Moldova

President of Moldova Igor Dodon believes that protraction of the conflict with Transnistria meets the interests of certain policy makers. “Some of the politicians seek to maintain the situation, since they have political and financial interests. There are such politicians in Chisinau, Tiraspol, Moscow and elsewhere,” the president said during a live-broadcast nationwide phone-in.

The Moldovan leader is sure that the situation will change after parliamentary elections of 2018 when his supporters will get a chance to form pro-Moldovan majority and counteract the ruling pro-Western coalition. “If the Moldovan leadership has a single stance: neutrality, Moldovan language, anti-NATO stance, pro-Moldovan majority in the parliament, I am sure that issues will be resolved much more promptly,” he said.

Dodon believes that unification of Moldova will help maintain the country’s sovereignty, independence and neutrality. In this light, he said, the conflict’s resolution is a necessary geopolitical condition.

“Who gains from the protracted Transnistrian conflict? Unionists do not impede the conflict’s resolution, as they know that Romanians will not get the territory if we have a united country. The West does not gain from it either, since they want to see Moldova at NATO. Whereas some political and business quarters on both the banks of the Dniester River seek to preserve what they have been engaged in during the last 25 years,” Igor Dodon said.

As EADaily reported earlier, President of Transnistria Vadim Krasnoselsky, addressed a roundtable entitled “Political and Legal Grounds for International Recognition of Independence of the Transnistrian Moldovan Republic,” in Moscow, saying TMR has the right to its own state in conformity with international legal standards. He has repeatedly said at international organizations that the policy for independence that was confirmed by the referendum of 2006 is unchangeable.

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