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Insurgent Russia is prior target of global oligarchy: interview

Ashot Manucharyan. Photo: Panorama.am

A new wave of Russian-US political strife caused by the new package of US sanctions on Russia has spread panic among politicians and government officials in Armenia. Economy of this Caucasian country depends on Russia's economy. Russia is the key trade and investment partner of Armenia, they key source of money remittances. Possible new recession under pressure of sanctions makes Yerevan think of leaving the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), revise the relations with Moscow etc. How should behave Armenia? What are the underlying causes of the conflict between Moscow and Washing? EADaily’s correspondent talked about these and other issues with Ashot Manucharyan, one of the Karabakh Movement leaders, former-advisor to the first president of Armenia for national security.

Does Armenia have any appropriate instruments to neutralize the current challenges? Does political framework in Armenia see the challenges that may emerge with the sanctions on its strategic ally?

Firstly, let’s specify the terms. There is no such thing as political framework in Armenia. What you call “political framework” is a “kingdom of crooked mirrors.” There is no political field, no Armenia as a state, as an institution, an instrument serving the interests of the people. Hence, it is impossible to answer the last part of your question.

Incidentally, Donald Trump thinks the same about his “state” – the United States. The main debate around the last presidential election in U.S. was about whether the “state” called “the United States” is ready to serve the interests of its people. The answer is evident – it isn’t ready to do it. The only beneficiary of these processes is the international financial oligarchy. This is applicable to Armenia as well. No matter what the government, “elites,” mass media say, whether to remain ally to Russia, or revise relations with it and join EU, NATO or anything else, all this makes no sense. None of them cares for the people. They are either funded by conditional “Soros,” or brainwashed by them who are funded by “Soros.” During the last 20 years, these “Soroses” waged a very delicate policy of splitting the post-Soviet space and stirring up hated towards Russia. Surprisingly, Russia was part of that game, no matter whether it realized that or not.

Of course, some “islands of opposition” to that oligarchy still exist in the post-Soviet area. Furthermore, there are countries that represent interests of their own peoples. However, these countries are under pressure of that global machine.

As far as one can see, Russia has left that game…

I cannot say for sure, if it has left it finally or not, but it has all chances to do it. There are certain insurgent, opposition groups. Let’s wait and see if they will succeed in their undertaking. However, these groups have not developed any specific ideas yet. There are groups that oppose ready money system, but no one has suggested to develop a different world. These opposition groups are local and lack coordinated actions.

Consequently, sanctions are an attempt to disperse that revolt…

Three powerful groups have opposed the oligarchy: the group of insurgents Russia, the group in US led by Mr. Trump, and finally, the group in China led by Mr. Xi. These three groups are now trying to feel out the possibility of making a strategic alliance to overcome the decline. Perhaps, each group would like to keep the old game rules on conditions favorable to it. Since there are no such conditions, they have to rise against the system. The key link in that revolt against old rules is Russia. It was the first to see that something very muddy is happening and it must be stopped. Of course, there is no longer the Russia that won the Great Patriotic War. However, present-day Russia is awakening; it has army, a nuclear missile shield. All these factors taken together can ensure a successful revolt. Russia announced revolt in 2013, when it stopped the US Administration and did not let it destroy Syria. Since that moment, the insurgent Russia is the prior target of the global oligarchy.

Let’s return to Armenia. Who does it struggle with?

As I have already said, the so-called political elite in Armenia were formed by the conditional “Soros.” I must say that he acted perfectly. 90% of what he did was done using Russia. Every rascal and thief seeking power and already in power in Armenia was associated and is still associated with Russia. Here is what ensured the success for conditional “Soros.” Noteworthy that his plan to partition the post-Soviet area is successfully implemented until now. That plan can be spoiled only if Russia suggests an alternative model of cooperation with neighbors.

Russia’s withdrawal from the game in 2013, as you said, coincided with formation of the integration project Eurasian Economic Union. Isn’t it an alternative model of a new world order at least at the regional level?

Sure, the EAEU has all chances to become an efficient platform for integration of different quality. Armenia speaks of the need to withdraw from the EAEU, integrating into EU, NATO etc., for two reasons. People are either paid by the West for that demagogy or they were brainwashed properly.

Nevertheless, Armenia tries to combine the EAEU membership and participation in NATO projects, including military exercises. Actually, Armenia develops its military cooperation with rivals of its strategic ally Russia at the same time protesting against the latter’s military cooperation with Azerbaijan … How would you explain this collision?

A brilliant collision typical for the relations in the world of interests and ready money! Everyone acts that way; everything is sold and bought. Simply, NATO manages to buy, first, and then to seize, deceive and betray. However, Russia is also responsible for all this. Armenia and Armenians have always supported allied relationships with Russia. However, during post-election protests on March 1, 2008, civilians were shot dead in the center of Yerevan and the people that came to power as a result of those executions have enlisted Moscow’s support. This has broken the people’s trust in Russia. I do not know if the people “orchestrating” Armenia participated in those executions consciously or not, but the final beneficiaries of those events fulfilled their task perfectly. This is where the calls to leave the EAEU come from.

By Ashot Safaryan

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