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Ex-president of Transnistria pops up on right bank of Dniester

Ex-president of Transnistria Yevgeny Shevchuk who was stripped of immunity on June 28 is currently in Moldova, Moldovan media report referring to sources in government agencies.

Commenting on the situation, Shevchuk left a post in social media saying, “I think the provocation organized at the Supreme Council yesterday and today once again showed that the authorities use methods of frightening, blackmail, pressure, arrests to force out the testimonies they need to settle accounts with and fight their political opponents.”

According to him, “they promised people rewards, peaceful life” in exchange for testimonies against him, and “freedom for those who are in jail.” “The authorities and the people who in fact manage them are unable to suggest people true success and make demonstrative provocations,” Shevchuk said. “They are telling people about the millions so that to conceal from them information about their billions.”

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“After election of the new president, I was deprived of all my social guarantees, including immunity. The head of the president’s administration officially informed me about it yet in February. Privileges, benefits and other advantages are for the first president and the next ones who will retire. It was a well-planned scenario with a goal to retain power,” Shevchuk says.

His spouse Nina Shevchuk (Shtanski) who heads foreign policy department of Transnistria, left her views of the situation in a social media post.

“Thank you for compassion and support. We are ok. It’s a shame that political impotence and games with ‘dignity’ offend the Transnistrian people that much. Within 15 of my political career I saw much in Transnistria, but the country had never experienced this kind of outrage!” Nina Shevchuk writes.

EADaily reported earlier that Prosecutor General of Transnistria Anatoly Guretsky made a motion to strip Yevgeny Shevchuk of immunity over a criminal case on misuse of public funds on a massive scale. The motion was supported by 35 parliamentarians and opposed by one.

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