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Ideal Media drives over 3.5 million readers to its partner sites in 2016

Ideal Media, an exclusive news exchange network, grew by 40% in 2016. They now drive more than 3.5 million readers per month to their partners, which include premium sites such as The Huffington Post and Digital Trends.

Ideal Media spent the past year significantly improving the technical aspects of their news exchange network. They also launched a news aggregator and a mobile app. It’s been a big year, to say the least.

Alex Baron, CEO of Ideal Media, had this to say: "Despite the tough competition in the media sector, we’ve established stable relationships with major publishers. In fact, we’ve become the only news exchange network with a sole focus on cultivating a high-quality audience reading real content, and our partners greatly appreciate that. In 2017, we expect to continue our significant growth in both our partnerships and our audience base. We are also working on an advanced suite of statistical tools for publishers that will help them see the quality and profitability of different campaigns.

"Our new technology will also allow our publishers to see how well their different authors are performing across a range of metrics. We are also working on a unique way to optimize a publisher’s presence on social media. We are going to announce the launch of these new tools in the first quarter of this year," said Alex Baron, CEO of Ideal Media.

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