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Making advances to nationalism, Belarus may find itself in Ukraine’s shoes

Georgy Fyodorov. Photo from his social network account

Arrest of pro-Russian journalists in Belarus looks like an openly unfriendly move against Russia, member of Russia’s Civic Chamber Georgy Fyodorov said in an interview to EADaily on Dec 12. “By making advances to nationalism, Belarus may find itself in Ukraine’s shoes,” he said.

“The arrests are not just an act of disregard of the freedom of speech but an openly unfriendly move against Russia. Unfortunately, nationalism is gaining popularity in Belarus and that nationalism is anti-Russian. There have always been anti-Russian forces in Belarus, but in recent years, they have become very active. Such incidents cause harm to Russian-Belarusian relations and if Belarus continues making advances to nationalism, it may find itself facing ideological contradictions and a civil war,” Fyodorov said.

He advises Russia to interfere. “It has always been the Belarusians’ strategy to try to please both sides but this is the first time we are witnessing such moves. I hope that justice will be restored, but this will hardly happen without Russia’s diplomatic interference,” Fyodorov said.

According to EADaily, three pro-Russian journalists, Yuri Pavlovets, Sergey Shiptenko and Dmitry Alimkin, were arrested in Belarus last week. All of them are accused of inciting ethnic and social hatred.

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